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Variety Floors - Carpet Cleaning Solutions

• Have your carpet cleaned every 12-18 months (validates most manufacturer warranties)
• More frequent cleaning may be necessary if children and/or pets are present. 
• Carpets should be vacuumed weekly and more often in areas of heavy traffic.
• Frequent vacuuming will prolong the life of your carpet, while minimizing the buildup of dirt and stains.
• Clean spills immediately.  Do not rub the spill. This may cause the problem to spread and may create a permanent stain.
  Instead, blot the spill with a clean white cloth.
• Do not overuse spot cleaners, detergents, or shampoos.  These will stay in your carpet and attract more dirt to
  the problem area.

Follow these simple guidelines and when it is time, call us 740.756.1500 to clean your carpets.

Common Solutions to Various Stains
Most stains can be removed, and most are not permanent stains. However, there are conditions where permanent staining is present and can not be removed. The following is a list of stain antidotes which we may allow you to reduce the chances of a permanent stain:

If hot water or alkaline cleaning products have been used, the chances are good that we will be able to remove the stain.

Filtration Soiling
Filtration soiling is the black marks you see around the edges of your base boards. Most of the time, we can get these marks to lighten but they seldom come all the way out. The particles in filtration soiling are so fine and go all the way down the sides of the yarn and through the backing of the carpet. This makes it very difficult to remove.

If the ketchup has a red dye in it, it could leave a stain but if the ketchup does not have red dye in it, it's usually not a problem.

Some lipstick may be in the red dye category which gives it a very slim chance for removal. If the lipstick isn't in the red dye category, then chances are good we'll be able to remove it.

If it is a fresh paint spill, the chances are much better. If it is already dried, the chances are much slimmer.

Red Dye
Red dye is almost impossible to remove unless the conditions are exactly right. If the carpet is new, the chances are better.

Chances for rust removal are excellent.

Soft Drinks
Usually not a problem.

Tea and Coffee
Tannin spots sometimes cause a permanent stain. Many times when coffee or tea is spilled, it is very hot, this can cause the stain to be set into the carpet.

When urine is fresh and has not been cleaned using an alkaline spotter, the chances are good that it can be removed. If the urine has been there for a long time, the chances are slim. Urine will continue to deteriorate the carpet so it is important to remove the urine deposits even if the spot doesn't come out.

Yellowing can be as simple as neutralizing the spot or area by spraying a solution on it, or it can be impossible to remove.

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